About us
My name is Elina. I was born in Latvia's capital city Riga. I have successfully completed my Master’s degree in Design and Architecture in Saint Petersburg. Following my studies I have completed an additional one year Engineering course while working full time.
Since then I have worked my way up to a position of a leading architect in one of the biggest architectural companies in Russia. Part of my responsibilities was to manage projects of up to 3500 sq meters (37 673 sq feet).
In addition to my main professions, I have several years of experience in furniture design and my continuous hobbie is clothes modelling and design.
I have decided to leave my comfort zone and change my career direction. Therefore, I returned to Europe to pursue IT design and the basics of programming. I have now gathered a trusted team of specialists to form my very own business. All of my team members are personally interested in growth and success of our partnership as they all represent themselves as well as my team and are responsible for the overall quality of our projects.


  • logos
  • packaging
  • signboards
  • showcase
  • signage & way-finding


  • living spaces
  • public spaces
  • furniture and other elements


  • design
  • turn-key development
  • promotion


  • private houses
  • mansards
  • small architectural forms